Using Astrology as a Tool of Understanding with Bear Ryver | #101

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Astrology is basically queer canon, so I thought Pridepalooza was the perfect time to invite an astrologer on the podcast to help us all learn about what happens when Mercury is in lemonade (did I do that right?). Enter Bear Ryver.

Bear is a full-time, professional astrologer practicing through an intersectional, post-colonial lens, and he has such a warm soul. Whether you’re an astrology aficionado, only sometimes dabble in the stars, or think astrology is absolutely ridiculous, there’s something in this episode for everyone.

We discussed:

  • Bear’s journey into astrology
  • Why Bear thinks queer folks gravitate toward astrology.
  • What astrology is and where it comes from.
  • Whether or not you need to be a true believer to benefit from astrology.
  • Free will versus fate.
  • The limited utility of horoscopes that are written for a general audience.
  • The difference between your sun, moon, and rising signs.
  • What it means to practice astrology through an inclusive, post-colonial lens.
  • Some of the differences that present themselves when comparing historical readings to modern ones.
  • The responsibility of the practitioner to treat their clients in an affirming way.
  • How Bear thinks of the relationship between courage and bravery.
  • Bear’s recommendations for where to get started with astrology.
  • What queerness is to Bear.

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Bear smiles for the camera with a cute, slightly scrunched up face. He's wearing a sweater and a beanie, and has ring in his lip.

Bear Ryver (he/him) is a full-time, professional consulting astrologer living on occupied and unceded Ohlone land (aka the East San Francisco Bay Area). Using astrology as the map and compass, Bear brings the tools of active listening, thoughtful inquiry, accountability, and storytelling to help his clients get back to BASICS: bravery, authenticity, sovereignty, integrity, courage, and stewardship. When he’s not pulling charts & cards, you can find Bear playing guitar, climbing rocks, and hiking close to home. Keep up with Bear on his Patreon, Twitter, and Instagram.

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