Exercising Without Mirrors and Moving Beyond Weight Loss with Kim Gould | #7

Aug 20, 2019

The words "Exercising Without Mirrors and Moving Beyond Weight Loss with Kim Gould | #7" over an image of a woman staring into the pieces of a broken mirror

My friend, Kim Gould, is opening up a brand new body-positive fitness studio in Austin called Autonomy Movement, and I asked her to share with me everything Autonomy is going to be doing differently from your typical fitness facility.

From the lack of mirrors and scales to the fusion of therapy and exercise, Autonomy Movement will be unlike anything else Austin’s fitness scene has experienced thus far.

We discussed:

  • Kim’s journey to becoming a therapist and personal trainer.
  • The space that Autonomy Movement, Kim’s brand new body-positive fitness studio, will be occupying here in Austin, Texas.
  • The benefits of having an exercise studio without mirrors or scales, including being able to feel in your body how to do movements properly.
  • All the things exercise has to offer us outside of the weight loss and body change people typically use it for, including the importance of enjoying the process.
  • The five themes of class types that Autonomy Movement will have available for clients and the fusion classes they’ll be offering, which will be a combination of movement and therapeutic processing.
  • Kim’s belief that we need to change the way we think about exercise in eating disorder recovery.
  • Kim’s hope that Autonomy Movement will help a lot of people who often aren’t included in traditional gyms.
  • Reframing how we think of “modifications” in fitness classes.
  • How Kim defines health and wellness for herself at this time in her life, including setting boundaries and delegating tasks.

Mentioned in this Episode:

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Featured on this Episode:

Kim smiles for the camera in a cream-colored sweater

Kim is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in eating disorders and body image issues. She was formerly a barre instructor at a local Austin studio and is also a Certified Personal Trainer. Kim’s passion, and why she decided to open Autonomy Movement (a size-inclusive fitness studio in Austin) is helping clients learn how to connect with exercise and their bodies in a non-weight related way. You can find Kim on her personal Instagram, and you can keep up with Autonomy Movement on the studio’s website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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