Making Badass Career Moves with Rosie McCarthy | #124

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Whether you’re job searching, trying to figure out if you want to start a side hustle, or even pretty content with your career, this episode with Rosie McCarthy of Badass Careers has something for everyone. Listen in to learn how to boost your career satisfaction and make job hunting more successful.

We discussed:

  • Who Rosie is and what lights her up.
  • How different cities have different fashion vibes, especially when it comes to designer and luxury brands.
  • How to determine when it’s time to leave your job, especially if your situation looks pretty good on paper.
  • Deciding whether to take on a side hustle.
  • The problem with making career choices based on external factors rather than internal ones.
  • Listening to the voice inside of you that says you’re made for more.
  • Some of Rosie’s best job-searching tips, including figuring out your personal brand.
  • How many criteria you should aim to meet in a job listing in order to apply.
  • Mindset shifts for coping with unexpected career transitions or layoffs.
  • The fact that “a career is not a prison sentence.”
  • Things to consider when searching for a career coach.

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Rosie McCarthy (she/her) is an ex-Corporate Recruiter and Human Resources professional turned online Career Coach for ambitious, yet unfulfilled, high-achieving professionals. As the founder of Badass Careers, she believes that career planning is broken, and it’s about damn time to overthrow the status quo. Originally from New Zealand, Rosie has her Masters degree in International Human Resources and 10 years of experience working for multinationals, tech startups, and Fortune 500 companies. She is specialized in helping people to figure out what they truly want out of their careers, brand themselves, and then go out and get it. Happiest with an almond croissant in hand! You can keep up with Rosie on her website, Instagram, YouTube channel, and LinkedIn.

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