The Girl Gang Talks Bisexuality Myths and Misconceptions | #12

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[Follow-up: We recorded this episode of the podcast at a time when I identified as both bisexual and queer. Currently, I only identify as queer, not bisexual. While my labels have changed, this remains a fantastic and informative episode. – Shohreh]

I met my personal Girl Gang through my aerial studio. Ally does silks, Tiffany does lyra, and I do trapeze. We were drawn together through the spark of shared interests, and we’ve stuck together because of a sisterhood that burns bright. And, it just so happens that all three of us identify as bisexual and queer.

Through the course of our friendship, we’ve been able to talk to each other about pretty much anything on our minds. We’ve taken that same openness and honesty to this podcast episode in honor of Bi Visibility Day. Both social connections and sexual orientation affect health and well-being, so this episode felt like a must.

We share our experiences as bisexual women, and we delve deep into many of the bisexuality myths and misconceptions we’ve come across. Support your local girl gang and give it a listen.

We discussed:

  • Our queer crushes.
  • When and how we realized that we weren’t straight.
  • The imposter syndrome that comes along with being a bisexual person.
  • How you don’t need receipts to know that you identify as bisexual.
  • The bisexual erasure and biphobia that comes from within the LGBTQ+ community.
  • The phenomenon of heterosexual couples looking for bisexual “unicorns.”
  • The myth that bisexual people must be 50% attracted to men and 50% attracted to women.
  • The myth that bisexuality is inherently transphobic.
  • How bi people who are in heterosexual-passing relationships have not “chosen a side.”
  • The myth that bisexual people cannot be in a monogamous relationship without cheating.
  • Our favorite queer fashion pieces in our closets.
  • What being queer means to each of us at this moment in our lives.

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The Girl Gang is made up of Shohreh Davoodi, host of the Conjuring Up Courage podcast, as well as two of her closest friends, Tiffany Cunningham and Ally Ridnour.

Headshots of Shohreh, Tiffany, and Ally in a row,

Shohreh (she/her) was the host of the Conjuring Up Courage podcast during the show’s three-year run. Currently, Shohreh is focusing her attention on being a writer and creator. You can keep up with Shohreh by subscribing to her newsletter, The Queer Agenda, and following her on Instagram and TikTok.

Tiffany (she/they) is a graphic designer, aerial enthusiast, fanfic author, cat mom, gay fairy gothmother, and bisexual human disaster. An actual Austin, Texas native, she’s been keeping her hometown weird long before it was cool. She is proud to be friends with Shohreh, and their friendship has grown through their shared passions for aerials and pop punk, mental health struggles, and experiences as queer women thumbing their noses at the patriarchy. You can find Tiffany on Instagram.

Ally (she/her) is an aerialist, a horror movie enthusiast, and a proud member of the Girl Gang. She has been described as “actually a trench coat filled with snakes and chaos” as well as “literally a demon,” and she feels those are pretty accurate descriptions. When she’s not busy filling every space she encounters with chaotic energy, she can probably be found laughing about farts or giving long-winded speeches about her weird taste in music to unappreciative audiences. She has a lot of opinions. You can find Ally on Instagram.

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