One-Time, Focused-As-F*ck Sessions
to Help You Get Unstuck

In contrast to a long-term coaching relationship, consultations are about getting answers and gaining momentum toward your goals quickly and directly.

Put another way, consults with me are creative problem-solving sessions that pack a punch.

I just so happen to be really damn good at puzzling things out, shining new light in murky places, and explaining complex concepts in ways that people can actually understand.

Consultations are typically personal or professional in nature (if you have questions that fit into both camps, please book two separate sessions with me).

Personal topics folks have consulted with me about:
  • Being at a crossroads and struggling to make a decision
  • How to jumpstart the process of learning to trust yourself
  • Coming out (especially coming out in your mid-twenties or later)
  • Exploring, understanding, and embracing sexual orientation and/or gender identity (of self or loved ones)
  • Thriving as a neurodivergent person (I have tons of experience working with folks with ADHD, both “officially” diagnosed and self-diagnosed)
  • Self-care choices and prioritization
  • Organizational solutions (household, virtual, etc.)
  • Navigating privilege and power structures
  • And more—just ask, and I’ll let you know if the topic is something I feel comfortable consulting about
Professional topics folks have consulted with me about:
  • The nuts and bolts of starting a business or side hustle
  • Creating and pricing services/products
  • Visibility fears and struggles, particularly showing up on social media
  • Starting and/or growing a podcast
  • Copyediting help for websites, newsletters, social media, etc.
  • Getting organized professionally (I'm a digital organization wizard) 
  • And more—just ask, and I’ll let you know if the topic is something I feel comfortable consulting about

consultation options

60-Minute Consultation + DETAILED FOLLOW-UP: $250

A fully customized Zoom or phone session designed to dig into your biggest problems and concerns so you can get unstuck. You’ll tell me what you’re looking for help with in advance, and I’ll show up prepped and ready to guide you toward your next steps. You’ll also receive an in-depth follow-up PDF that summarizes our session, including any action items we discussed and any additional resources I promised.

30-Minute Consultation: $110

A fully customized Zoom or phone session designed for you to “pick my brain” and get expert feedback quickly and efficiently. We can focus on one main problem or concern, or you can ask me several simpler questions.

Q&A Submission: $50

Written advice via email on one simple topic or question, to be sent no more than 7 business days after you’ve completed the submission form and payment. If you think it would take me more than 15 minutes to write a response to your inquiry, please book a consultation instead (feel free to reach out and ask if you’re not sure).

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