Decolonizing Time and Liberating Flow with Ixchel Lunar | #115

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Time is something we're always talking about, trying to wrap our heads around, and proclaiming we don't have enough of, but I've never heard it spoken about in quite the way Ixchel Lunar does in this episode. Ixchel is a Decolonial Time Witch who helps people decolonize and reclaim their time so they can liberate their flow. Anyone who's interested in better understanding time and how to use it will benefit from our conversation in this episode.

We discussed:

  • Who Ixchel is and the work she's involved in right now.
  • How neurodivergent folks experience time differently from neurotypical folks.
  • The differences between colonial time and indigenous time.
  • Strategies for reclaiming your time from capitalism and dominator culture, including rest and flow.
  • The nuances of finding your flow and noticing cycles.
  • How folks who are deeply affected by the reality of our society's systems can find rest and decolonize time too.
  • Changing your mindset around time scarcity.

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Ixchel is pictured in profile looking to the horizon wearing a cream-colored hat and turquoise necklace

Ixchel Lunar (she/we/they) has over 25 years of experience as an eco-feminist web deva and was the first Latine Vice-Mayor of Petaluma, CA, focused on public access to technology and ecological policy-making. At a mighty 4’10”, they are a light-skinned, Mestize Indigiqueer, vision-impaired, neuro-distinct, and first-time female with Y-DNA, and even ran for congress in 2011. As a survivor of significant childhood trauma, (ACE-Q score is 10+6), Ixchel’s life work is infused with JEDI activism (Justice-centering, Emergence, Decolonizing, Interconnecting). Her curiosities include plants, pollinators, and handmade textiles. They created a wildlife sanctuary for native bees and perezosos (sloths) in the highland jungle of Nicaragua. You can keep up with Ixchel on their website and Instagram.

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