Finding Freedom By Embracing Your Truth with Ty Deran | #111

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I have been giddily waiting to introduce y’all to fellow professional unicorn Ty Deran. Ty is one of my favorite queer content creators on the internet right now, and it was a joy chatting with them. May this episode be a soothing balm for anyone looking for some encouragement to fully step into their authentic self.

We discussed:

  • How much of a travesty it is that people see colorful and joyful things as childish and unprofessional.
  • Who Ty is and what lights them up.
  • Being more discerning about what we want and what we’ll accept in our relationships with others.
  • The ways in which queer folks learn to put everyone else’s needs above their own.
  • Why knowing your worth and power are not a bad thing.
  • The importance of visible representation for marginalized identities.
  • How it’s never too late to learn more about yourself
  • How what we extend to others becomes easier to extend to ourselves.
  • Why we need breaks from constantly bettering ourselves to allow for integration.
  • Accepting that your journey is happening exactly as it’s supposed to.

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A headshot of Ty with an intense pastel rainbow eye look wearing a pastel rainbow hoodie

Ty Deran (they/she) is a nonbinary actor/singer/content creator committed to creating entertaining, educational, and queer-affirming content. Ty’s journey back to the self, catalyzed by the pandemic, has led them to use their voice to encourage all folks to see themselves beyond society’s rules and expectations, to honor the infinity within us, and to love ourselves as we are—not just as the world expects us to be. You can keep up with Ty on their TikTok and Instagram.

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