Intuitive Eating Past, Present, and Future with Evelyn Tribole | #56

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The highly anticipated 4th edition of Intuitive Eating was recently released, so I invited co-author Evelyn Tribole on the podcast to talk about the evolution of Intuitive Eating since its conception in 1995. I was honored that she said yes, and I’m so excited to share our discussion with you.

In this candid conversation, Evelyn does not shy away from talking about the missteps of Intuitive Eating’s past and some of the things she’s still unsure about in terms of Intuitive Eating’s future. It’s clear that she and Elyse are open to criticism and will continue to evolve alongside Intuitive Eating in order to do the most good that they can.

We discussed:

  • How Evelyn feels now that the 4th edition of Intuitive Eating is finally out in the world, including how cringe-worthy it felt to go through and make edits to the 3rd edition.
  • What’s different about Evelyn and the growth she’s undergone since the book was first published in 1995.
  • The origin story of how Evelyn and Elyse first conceptualized the Intuitive Eating framework.
  • How there are over 125 studies to date that show the efficacy of Intuitive Eating.
  • The state of weight-biased research, the Semmelweis Reflex, and correlation vs causation.
  • The racist roots of diet culture and the need for more humility and openness.
  • Interoceptive awareness and interoceptive responsiveness.
  • What Evelyn feels most proud of in the new edition of the book.
  • How Evelyn’s understanding of emotional eating has changed over time, and why they’ve introduced kindness into the principle.
  • Some of Evelyn’s current favorite comfort foods.
  • The major language changes in the 4th edition.
  • Their understanding that Intuitive Eating is a privilege that isn’t yet accessible to everyone.
  • How food insecurity and poverty can affect a person’s ability to eat intuitively.
  • Some of the ways Evelyn and Elyse are working to make Intuitive Eating accessible to more individuals and communities.
  • Legitimate criticisms about Intuitive Eating.
  • The importance of getting out of “science silos” and learning new things.
  • How Intuitive Eating is about so much more than food.
  • How Evelyn defines health and wellness for herself at this moment in her life.

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Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD (she/her) is an award-winning registered dietitian with a nutrition counseling practice in Newport Beach, California. She has written nine books, including Intuitive Eating (co-author) and the Intuitive Eating Workbook (co-author). Evelyn qualified for the Olympic Trials in the first ever women’s marathon in 1984. Although she no longer competes, Evelyn runs for fun and is an avid skier and hiker. She also enjoys surfing, kayaking and white water rafting. Evelyn’s favorite food is chocolate, when it can be savored slowly. You can find Evelyn on her website, the Intuitive Eating website, and her Instagram.

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