The Expansive Abundance of Queerness with kali diwa and Alex Locust | #77

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Your fave Glamputee, Alex Locust, returns to the show alongside his friend, kali diwa, for a fire signs spectacular filled with wit and laughter. In 2021, Alex and kali will be co-hosting a new podcast about queer connection and intimacy called Fluid Bonding that I can’t wait to hear.

To celebrate their upcoming collaboration, we chatted about their inspiration for the podcast, queer abundance, why queer timelines look different from straight ones, the importance of healing in community, and more.

We discussed:

  • The inspiration behind Alex and kali’s new podcast project coming in 2021, Fluid Bonding.
  • The lack of queer love stories out in the world.
  • How it’s not queerness that is being shoved in people’s faces, but heterosexuality.
  • The importance of being careful about who you’re trying to speak for.
  • Why the need for internal validation only is unrealistic for marginalized folx.
  • The circumstances that allow queer folx to find deeper intimacy with one another more quickly (for better or worse).
  • Some of the reasons why queer timelines can look different from straight ones.
  • Unlearning as a key component of embodying your queerness.
  • Making space to heal in community in addition to individually.
  • How kindness is different from niceness and politeness.

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Photos of kali and Alex side by side

kali diwa (they/themme) has spent the last decade studying comedy across the country only to find themmeself doing absolutely nothing in comedy. A heaux at heart, kali has dove deeply into the dark crevices of sexual perversion, all in the name of education *wink*. They constantly work toward dismantling all the f*cked up ways that heteronormativity messes with our beautiful queer minds by engaging with people as a healthy relationship counselor, a sex educator, and mostly as a storyteller, listening to and uplifting the voices that need to be heard. kali also holds themmeself as a beautiful and resilient vessel for healing and shared knowledge, building community everywhere they go. They strive to be wholesomely provocative in everything that they do. Moving through the world as a bastos post-binary pinxy femme, kali prioritizes cultivating authenticity and joy by advocating pleasure activism in their everyday life through practices of emergent strategy and consistently dreaming up a world we deserve to live in. You can find kali on Instagram and Tumblr.

Alex Locust (he/him) is a queer, biracial Glamputee proudly offering you a…leg up on disability justice. Whether in his role as a counselor, workshop facilitator, harm reductionist, pleasure activist, runway model, or film festival juror, Alex is serving up the 5 C’s (Curls, Crutches, Claws, Courage, and Compassion), while singing the praises of the disability justice movement any chance he can get. Alex has set out to use his platform to center the voices of Black and brown, queer disabled folx while weaving together the principles of this movement with other justice efforts to promote access, sustainability, and wholeness in all of our collective liberation work. You can find Alex on his website and Instagram.

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