Expressing Your Magic Through Writing with Kelly Cutchin | #89

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Kelly Cutchin is a writer, teacher, and the host of the Casual Magic writing community. She also wants you to forget everything you think you know about who gets to call themselves a writer and what the writing process looks like. If you’re convinced writing isn’t your thing, I encourage you to give this episode a listen before officially retiring your pen. You might just find that expressing your magic through writing is within reach for you after all.

We discussed:

  • How Kelly knew what she wanted to be by the time she was six years old.
  • Kelly’s current work hosting her Casual Magic writing workshops.
  • The long-lasting effects the actions of teachers can have on young people.
  • Who gets to call themselves a writer.
  • The pressure we put on ourselves when we sit down to write.
  • The value of the writing process vs the “finished” product.
  • How there’s more nuance to the common advice to “write from the scar, not the wound” than you might think.
  • The differences between publishing a piece publicly vs writing only for yourself.
  • The role of critique and feedback in writing.
  • Grammar policing as gatekeeping.
  • Kelly’s recommendations for how to start exploring writing more.

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A close-up of Kelly's face smiling for the camera. She has long, gray, wavy hair and wears orange eyeshadow with a reddish orange lipstick.

Kelly Cutchin (she/her) should have been named YELLY because she exclaims a lot of things (in a confetti-filled, celebratory way). Kelly is a fat, gay, unruly broad who’s doing her best to live an ALL CAPS life and encouraging others to do the same. She’s a writer and teacher who believes that everyone has stories to tell and write, and that they should! Because they can! Kelly helps people use writing and story as a way to express themselves fully and on their own terms. You can keep up with Kelly on Instagram.

Did you benefit from this episode? You can show your appreciation by supporting Kelly’s work. Consider dropping into Kelly’s Casual Magic writing community. She regularly posts the days, times, and sign-up information on her Instagram.

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