Financial Self-Care and Values-Based Spending with Kara Perez | #65

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There is nothing in our lives that our finances don't touch. How much money we have and how we spend it affects our self-care, community care, health, and ability to live according to our values. That's why Kara Perez, the founder of Bravely Go, advocates for a feminist approach to finances. Through considering both our personal financial goals and our positioning in the world, we can get more comfortable with money and make bank.

We discussed:

  • The work that Bravely Go does and Kara's journey to founding the business.
  • Why Kara has chosen to focus her business around specifically helping women with their finances.
  • How Kara tries to balance systemic problems and personal responsibility when giving financial advice.
  • Strategies for moving away from mindless spending to more values-based spending.
  • Some of the ways our finances connect to our health and well-being.
  • What financial self-care might look like.
  • Kara's thoughts on millennial money myths perpetuated by the media.
  • The benefits of being more transparent about our finances, both at work and in our personal lives.
  • One actionable money move that Kara recommends everyone make.
  • How Kara defines health and wellness for herself at this moment in her life.

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Kara Perez (she/her) is the founder of Bravely Go, a feminist financial education company. Bravely focuses on bringing actionable, intersectional, and accessible financial education to people via pop-up events and online community. Additionally, Kara co-hosts the award-winning podcast, The Fairer Cents, which has been named the top money podcast for women by Forbes and The Balance. Kara has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, NPR, Glamour, ABC Nightline News, and U.S. News and World Report as a financial expert. You can learn more about Kara on her website, Instagram, and Twitter.

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