Global South Queerness and Immigration with Jad Jaber | #132

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CW: Mentions of specific instances of homophobia, violence against queer folks, and racism

I am so grateful for the conversation I was privileged to have with Jad Jaber, founder of Marginalized Majority, as part of this year's Pridepalooza celebrations. Jad shared their experience of being forced to immigrate from Lebanon to Canada due to their queerness as well as the many complexities they must navigate as a Global South queer person living in the Global North.

We discussed:

  • Who the term “Global South” refers to.
  • Immigration as a source of family trauma.
  • Why Jad immigrated to Canada for their safety.
  • How nuance is needed when discussing queer safe spaces in different parts of the globe.
  • The emotional labor of having to perform a different version of yourself.
  • Fighting back against white supremacist beauty standards in the queer community.
  • Why it's important for queer folks to work on healing their trauma.
  • The offerings of Jad's organization, Marginalized Majority.
  • Our shared love for RuPaul's Drag Race.

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A selfie of Jad in light blue collared shirt and a black beanieJad Jaber (he/they) is an evidence-based policy researcher, non-profit founder, and human resources generalist. Jad is a Post-doctorate researcher on Feminist Economics and has a Ph.D. in gender dynamics and queer behavior pertaining to racialized and cultural Global South identities. He is currently a member of Toronto Pride’s Board of Directors and a member of the 2SLGBTQ+ Advisory Board for Toronto’s City Council. Jad is also the founder of Marginalized Majority, a non-profit focused on Global South queerness, mental health, and community support. You can keep up with Jad on his personal Instagram and Twitter and keep up with the work of Marginalized Majority on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

Did you benefit from this episode? You can show your appreciation by supporting Jad's work. Any form of support for Jad's organization, the Marginalized Majority, would be appreciated, including financial contributions and volunteering.

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