How To Stop Resisting Routines and Learn To Embrace Them with Ashley Brown | #105

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If you find yourself resistant to the idea of routines, you're definitely not alone in that, and Ashley Brown can help. In this episode, Ashley shares different tools and strategies you can use to make planning and organization work for you.

We discussed:

  • Why some people rebel against routines.
  • How I've used organizing as a coping strategy for my ADHD from a young age.
  • Strategies for learning to embrace routines if you're resistant to them.
  • Moving out of all-or-nothing thinking to allow for flexibility.
  • Getting curious about where your current habits and routines come from and whether or not they're working for you.
  • The trial and error process that new routines require.
  • The importance of assessing not only how much time a task is going to take you, but also how much energy you'll have to exert.
  • How to make your routines more fun and joyful, or alternatively, more tolerable.
  • Getting creative with your organization and searching for products that meet your needs.
  • Some customer favorites for products that Ashley sells.
  • Ashley's tips for getting started if your routines need some work, and her five routine categories: Cooking, Cleaning, Children, Self-Care, and Planning.

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Ashley is sitting at a table smiling, wearing a cream-colored blouse. In front of her you can see a pink coffee cup and a pad of paper.

Ashley Brown (she/her) is the founder and owner of Routine and Things, a product-based business equipping women to consistently live their happiest life one routine at a time. Ashley strongly believes routines are a form of wellness and can be a beautiful springboard for improving your home, yourself, and your life. She hosts the Routine and Things Podcast, a space to learn and become inspired on all things routine. She’s on a mission to see as many women as possible live life with ease by starting, maintaining, and enjoying fun and freeing routines! You can keep up with Ashley on the Routine and Things website and Instagram.

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