Life Through the Lens of Cancer with Maegan Brundage | #6

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My long-time friend, Maegan Brundage, chatted with me about what it's been like living with recurrent ovarian cancer. From her first cancer diagnosis and surgery to now living with cancer for the second time, Maegan has been through a lot over the last few years. She candidly filled me in on her ups, downs, dark moments, and silver linings when it comes to the complicated experience of cancer.

While we may be far removed from our middle school band days, it was a breath of fresh air to speak with Maegan and hear her perspectives on everything from advocating for yourself at the doctor's office to the kinds of rhetoric we use around cancer to how she defines health now.

We discussed:

  • Maegan's experiences with recurrent ovarian cancer, including being continuously misdiagnosed with a yeast infection before getting her second, correct diagnosis of ovarian cancer.
  • What it was like to get the news that she needed to be admitted for surgery right away and was going to have to have a total hysterectomy (and thus would never be able to birth her own children).
  • What it felt like to carry the weight of thinking she was probably going to die post-surgery.
  • The experience of impostor syndrome and survivor’s guilt in cancer and how Maegan found herself comparing herself to other people who have it worse.
  • Why the common language people use to talk about cancer, such as referring to cancer as a “battle” or people as “survivors,” doesn’t resonate with her.
  • Maegan's discovery of intuitive eating prior to her second cancer diagnosis and how working with a traditional nutritionist post-surgery has been challenging for her.
  • What it's like to see the world through “the cancer lens” where every decision seems to make her question her mortality.
  • The silver linings of cancer, including learning to slow down, getting to know her body better, and having time to reflect.
  • How Maegan defines health and wellness for herself at this point in her life, including listening to her body and its cues and the importance of emotional and spiritual health.

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Maegan wears a red dress and holds out bright red cherries in her hands. Her head is bald and she wears a big smile on her face.

Maegan Brundage (she/her) is a 29-year-old social worker living with recurrent ovarian cancer since 2015. She is also a lifestyle blogger who hates the term lifestyle blogger living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. You can find Maegan on Instagram and keep up with her life and cancer journey through her blog.

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