Navigating Nuance in Veganism with Miranda Lipes | #80

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As the popularity of veganism and vegetarianism have grown, many people are getting more curious about reducing animal cruelty. But as a former vegan myself, I know all too well that there are certain factions of the vegan community that are deeply invested in diet culture and healthism, which can lead some people to feel like they don’t belong.

So I invited Miranda Lipes of the Uprooted Foodie blog to chat with me about navigating nuance in veganism and how to start embracing a vegan lifestyle without falling prey to perfectionism. Even if you don’t ever see yourself going fully vegan or vegetarian, this episode may give you some ideas for how to include animals in your activism.

We discussed:

  • How Miranda was introduced to veganism and her inspiration for creating the Uprooted Foodie blog.
  • The myth that all vegans are supposed to be thin and “healthy.”
  • How some of the infighting and disagreements within the vegan community can have the effect of pushing people away from veganism entirely.
  • Taking the “health” aspect out of veganism in order to not fall prey to diet culture.
  • Miranda’s tips for testing the waters of vegetarianism/veganism if you’re interested but not ready to take the full plunge.
  • Staying away from perfectionism and determining what works for you instead.
  • Adopting a mindset of exploration when experimenting with vegetarian and vegan food.
  • Finding community support to help you while you’re figuring things out.
  • Why evangelizing veganism isn’t the most effective tactic for bringing people into the movement.

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Miranda Lipes (she/her) is a content creator and vegan foodie who currently lives in Denver, Colorado, with her partner, Kyle. She enjoys baking, traveling, camping, and making music/singing. Miranda formerly hosted The Vegan Chub Club podcast and runs a few different video channels on YouTube, including Uprooted Foodie and Kyle & Miranda. You can keep up with Miranda on her website and Instagram.

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