Personifying Your Body with Jamie Lee Finch | #110

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I had a fantastic time chatting with embodiment coach and total kindred spirit Jamie Lee Finch about our innate bodily wisdom in this episode. Jamie explained why she thinks you should view your body as a person, and we talked about transitioning from our upbringings in high-touch religions to now having much more connected relationships with our bodies.

We discussed:

  • Who Jamie is and what she’s feeling most passionate about currently.
  • Making space for more than work.
  • Jamie’s relationship with her body when she was younger, which was impacted by things like being baptized in the Evangelical church and having ADHD.
  • Our similar experiences growing up in high-touch religions we didn’t get a say in participating in.
  • What it was like for Jamie to walk away from her entire belief system.
  • How our bodies are always ahead of our brains.
  • The need to lean into our grief rather than resist it.
  • Why Jamie refers to herself as a conflict mediator between humans and their bodies.
  • Learning to see people as full people, not just their behaviors.

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A headshot of Jamie wearing a black v-neck tank top with one hand in her hair as it's being blown back

Jamie Lee Finch (she/her) is an embodiment coach, author, speaker, and poet. She’s coached over 400 people in the past 5 years and sees her role in her work as that of a conflict mediator between human beings and their bodies. She’s just released her very first online course called “Your Body is a Person,” which walks you through her entire methodology and practice of Personified Embodiment. You can keep up with Jamie on her website, Instagram, and Twitter.

Did you benefit from this episode? You can show your appreciation by supporting Jamie’s work. Check out the free mini version of Jamie’s “Your Body is a Person” course.

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