Pleasure, Body Trust, and Boundaries with Dawn Serra | #99

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Therapeutic sex & relationship coach Dawn Serra has been such an inspiration to my own thinking on pleasure, and it was a joy to be in conversation with her in this episode. We covered so much ground in the realms of pleasure, relationships, body trust, and boundaries, and we had a great time doing it.

We discussed:

  • Dawn's work as a sex & relationship coach.
  • Some of Dawn's favorite pleasures.
  • How we both have chosen to let go of projects we were only tolerating, rather than actually enjoying.
  • Grappling with challenging emotions as a pathway to more joy and pleasure.
  • How small moments of pleasure can coexist with pain and struggle.
  • Recognizing the both/and nature of our bodies in their ability to hold negative and positive experiences at the same time.
  • How there is no hierarchy of pleasurable things, and it's important to let others like what they like.
  • The affirming nature of being in relationships where everyone cheers for each other's pleasure and respects each other's boundaries.
  • Checking in and co-creating when making plans with the people you love.
  • How some people won't be able to meet you where you're at when you start honoring your yes.
  • Being careful not to throw emotional grenades in the relationships that are important to you.
  • Dawn's suggestions for how to start getting in touch with your pleasure.

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A photo of Dawn smiling. She has shoulder-length blonde hair which one hand is combing through, and she wears a black dress

Dawn Serra (she/her) is a therapeutic sex & relationship coach and pleasure advocate. As a white, cis, middle class, queer, fat, survivor, Dawn's work is a fiercely compassionate invitation for each of us to deepen our relationships with our bodies and our pleasure as an antidote to the trauma, disconnection, and isolation so many of us feel. Your pleasure matters. Your body is wise. Dawn's work is all about creating spaces and places for you to explore what that means on your terms. You can keep up with Dawn on her website and Instagram.

Did you benefit from this episode? You can show your appreciation by supporting Dawn's work. Check out Dawn's 5-week, online course, Power in Pleasure.

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