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The words "Conjuring Up Courage with Shohreh Davoodi"

Conjuring Up Courage is a podcast that celebrates what’s possible when you commit to being brave.

Through educational solo episodes and vibrant interviews with diverse guests from the LGBTQIA+ community and other marginalized groups, the show navigates the complexities of power, privilege, and personal growth to explore how to build a more fulfilling life and create a better world for everyone.

With over 50,000 downloads and more than one hundred 5-star ratings, this podcast will resonate with anyone looking to infuse their life

with more self-trust.


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Conjuring Up Courage offers:

  • Inspiring examples of badass people who are refusing to let fear and self-doubt keep them from going after their dreams and changing the world.
  • Tools, strategies, and mindset shifts to help you stop living according to “shoulds” and start being true to yourself instead.
  • Thought-provoking content that will challenge your worldview while strengthening your empathy and compassion muscles.

What listeners are saying:​

5 stars in a row with rainbow coloring
Refreshing, informative, entertaining. 

I look forward each week to Shohreh’s episodes. All of her guests bring such interesting topics and points of view, her girl gang episodes are a riot, and I have learned so much. Shohreh is a great interviewer and even her solo episodes are worthwhile too.


5 stars in a row with rainbow coloring
Love love love 💖🌈

This podcast is intersectional and diverse and charming. With her interesting and well-researched content, purposeful conversations, and her warm and bright personality, Shohreh is a highlight of my week.


5 stars in a row with rainbow coloring
Educational and fun! 

Shohreh is an awesome podcast host who really knows what questions to ask her guests on every episode! I learn a TON from this podcast on topics ranging from the science behind diabetes, where to buy sex toys, to the fat liberation movement. I love the diversity in the topics and the guests Shohreh interviews!


5 stars in a row with rainbow coloring
Truly redefining

This podcast has opened so many windows for me—windows into so many perspectives, lived experiences, myths, truths, and more that I (frankly and unfortunately) had never thought to look into until the past few years. It is refreshing, educational, informative, important, and also joyful. It makes me want to keep looking, learning, and growing.


5 stars in a row with rainbow coloring

This podcast is so 👏🏾good👏🏾😍😍😍

I love listening to the honest conversations and the in-depth topics. Each time I hear something new that sparks an entire conversation in my own mind. Recommend!!!


5 stars in a row with rainbow coloring
Consistently Awesome!

This podcast exceeds my expectations every week. I look forward to listening to it & soaking in its empowering after-effects regardless of the topic. This pod always gets me thinking, calms me down, *and* hypes me up… all at the same time!


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