The Personal Is Political with Ani Mirasol | #24

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‘Tis the season for heated political conversations around the holiday dinner table. Thankfully, trauma therapist Ani Mirasol came on the podcast to give us some tools to get through it.

We had the chance to talk about strategies for having fruitful discussions, the political nature of being a marginalized person, how to avoid activist burnout, and more. If you need a little hope to hold onto during the stressful holiday season, this episode with Ani is for you.

We discussed:

  • How Ani’s childhood contributed to her playing the role of therapist in her life long before she actually became one.
  • Why Ani felt called to create their Political Stress & Wellness therapy group.
  • Some of the advantages of group therapy versus one-on-one.
  • The impact on family relationships of Trump-era politics.
  • Cognitive dissonance’s role in our disagreements with family members.
  • How to prep for potentially uncomfortable political dinner table conversations during the holidays.
  • Strategies for engaging people on the other side of the political aisle (if you want to).
  • The white supremacist ideal that therapists and helping professionals should be a blank slate who don’t reveal their political views or personal information to their clients.
  • The effect of chronic stress on our health and well-being.
  • The impact of intergenerational trauma on us.
  • How to avoid burnout as an activist and give what you can.
  • The concept of “pleasure activism.”
  • How Ani defines health and wellness for herself at this point in her life, including doing less and having unscheduled time.

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Ani Mirasol (she/they) is a sex-positive trauma therapist, body liberation activist, and intuitive healer. She helps boss babes of all genders discover their inner badass, claim their sovereign right to take up space in this world, and heal from painful pasts, difficult relationships, and sex or body violations. Fat, queer, and neurodivergent, Ani understands what it is like to live in a body that others want to erase, and she absolutely refuses to shrink themself or play small for anyone. You can find Ani on her website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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