Here and Queer with the 2021 Pride Panel | #104

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For the final episode of Pridepalooza, say hello to the long-awaited second annual Pride Panel episode! I both moderate and participate in this magical panel discussion alongside past guests Ilya Parker (the founder of Decolonizing Fitness), Melody Li (the founder of the Inclusive Therapists directory), and James Rose (actor and agent of chaos). After a rousing lightning round of questions just for fun, the four of us spill the tea on queer signaling, the role of labels, mental health in the queer community, and much more.

We discussed:

  • Who we would choose if we got to form a queer music group and the role we would play in our groups.
  • Things that aren't actually gay but feel like they are.
  • What classic romcoms or movies should be redone as queer love stories.
  • Our go-to ways to queer signal in public and what affects how and where a person might queer signal.
  • The over-sexualization of queer folks.
  • The labels we use and the role of labels in the queer community at large.
  • What queer folks need in order for their mental health to thrive.
  • The possibility of living in a society where queerness is no longer a marginalized identity.
  • What queerness is to Ilya, Melody, and James.

Mentioned in This Episode

Ample + Rooted Guided Meditation

This episode is brought to you in part by Ample + Rooted, an inclusive therapy practice directed by Neathery Falchuk that provides an affirming and welcoming home for diverse individuals to reclaim their inherent worth. The awesome practitioners at Ample + Rooted not only serve folks locally here in Austin, they also serve folks online all over the globe. Through therapy, mindfulness practices, courses, trainings, and events, they support, guide, and hold space for folks to feel valued and nourished. The Ample + Rooted group created an exclusive guided meditation on Cultivating Self-Trust and Embodied Wisdom for listeners of Conjuring Up Courage, which you can access for free by clicking here. Also be sure to check out the Ample + Rooted website and Instagram.

Featured in This Episode

 Your 2021 Pride Panel consists of returning guests Ilya Parker, Melody Li, and James Rose, as well as the host of the Conjuring Up Courage podcast, Shohreh Davoodi.

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Ilya Parker (he/they) is a Physical Therapist Assistant and ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist. He is also a grassroots organizer and educator whose work centers gender, racial, and healing justice. Ilya decided to merge their love for restorative-based movement practices and community advocacy to create Decolonizing Fitness, LLC, which is a social justice platform that provides affirming fitness services, community education, and apparel in support of body diversity. You can find Ilya on their Instagram and website.

Tip IlyaPaypal | Venmo – @decolonizing_fitness

Melody Li (佢/ any) is a colony-born migrant and settler on Turtle Island embodying a number of structural privileges. They are a queer therapist of Color, mental health liberation activist, speaker, and a troublemaker for good. They founded Inclusive Therapists: a social justice-oriented mental health directory and community that celebrates and centers marginalized communities (especially the BIPOC X LGBTQIA2S+ intersection). Melody offers collective care and education focusing on decolonizing mental health and healing racialized trauma. Their passions include cooking, powerlifting, and cuddling pugs. You can find Melody on her website and Instagram and keep up with Inclusive Therapists on the organization's website and Instagram.

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James Rose (they/them) never actually came out. Sure, they spent plenty of nights coming out of men's New York apartments at all hours of the night, but that's another story. They didn't come out as genderfluid either, rather they came into themselves in a gold ballgown in the back fitting room of the Herald Square Macy's and decided to share their gender with anyone willing to listen. James writes about identity, sex, liberation, their feelings, & their exes on Instagram to the point where you'd think they have queerness figured out by now, but really all they've figured out is how to love themselves a little deeper every day. Perhaps that's actually the same thing. You can find James on their Instagram and TikTok.

Tip James: Venmo – @jamesissmiling | Paypal – @jamesismiling (all tips will be redistributed to mutual aid)

Shohreh Davoodi (she/her) is a self-trust coach, mind witch, and rainbow glitter bomb of a human. Through her content and coaching, she helps people develop their consciousness, care, and courage practices so they can be more of who they are (and less of who they think they're supposed to be). When she's not working, Shohreh enjoys exploring the great outdoors, singing emo music at the top of her lungs, playing with her two pups, crafting, trapezing, gardening, and baking. You can find Shohreh on her website and Instagram.

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