Experiencing Personal Growth Through Dating with Ariella Serur | #125

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If you're one of the many folks who finds the experience of dating frustrating and disappointing, Queer Dating Coach, Ariella Serur, may be able to help you shift your mindset. And while Ariella specializes in working with queer folks, her dating advice is applicable to everyone. So tune in to learn how to date better.

We discussed:

  • Our backgrounds in music and art and how many of the skills are transferable to business ownership.
  • Some of the unique challenges that queer folks face when dating vs straight folks.
  • The role of expectations in the dating experience.
  • Shifting the definition of “success” when it comes to first dates.
  • How to hate dating apps a little less.
  • Other ways to meet people outside of dating apps.
  • The worry about hitting on folks who aren't queer.
  • What makes for a great dating profile.
  • How nothing is set in stone when it comes to dating and you can always change your approach.

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Ariella Serur (she/they) is a Queer Dating Coach on a mission to disrupt traditional dating advice and transform the dating pool into one we enthusiastically want to jump into. In her practice, she helps kind, queer folks navigate the dating landscape so they have the courage to go after what they want in dating and in life, without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. If you want to learn how to date, or date better, she'll help you understand what you want and how to talk about it, so dating becomes an enjoyable process and satiating part of your personal growth journey. Ariella is a Certified Life Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, and is currently receiving a Graduate Advanced Certificate from Columbia University's School of Psychology in Sexuality, Women, and Gender with a concentration in LGBTQ Issues. You can keep up with Ariella on her website and Instagram.

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