Queer Sex and Dating with Eva Bloom | #103

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Continuing right along with our Pridepalooza content, I invited queer sexuality educator Eva Bloom on the show to chat with me about all things queer sex and dating. Queer and straight folks alike will benefit from the knowledge Eva shares in this episode about moving beyond sexual scripts, sexual compatibility, navigating sexting and dating apps, and more.

We discussed:

  • Who Eva is and what they’re passionate about.
  • The super-duper ally phase that many queer folks go through.
  • Common sexual scripts and rules that can hold people back.
  • Sexual compatibility.
  • Sexting and privacy concerns.
  • How to get started with dating as a baby queer in particular.
  • Why sexual experience isn’t everything.
  • The importance of communication for casual sexual encounters.
  • Not expecting sexual partners to be able to read your mind.
  • Other ways to find out what partners like besides asking “What do you like?”
  • How you can start to learn what kinds of sexual touch you enjoy through self-exploration.
  • What queerness is to Eva.

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Eva has a small, close-lipped smile, short, shaggy hair, and wears a blue shirt that says, "Slut for Kindness"

Eva Bloom (she/they) is a queer sexuality educator and sex science communicator. They aim to break down the rigid scripts around sexuality and affirm marginalized individuals to build their most authentic sex lives, feel at home in their identities, and have confidence in navigating their sexual health. She is the creator of the digital sexual wellness program, “F*ck the Patriarchy, F*ck Yourself” and the YouTube web series,”What’s My Body Doing.” In her spare time, Eva loves dancing her heart out and reading every sapphic YA novel they can get their hands on. You can keep up with Eva on her website, Instagram, and YouTube channel.

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