What Does It Mean To Redefine Health and Wellness? | #1

Aug 6, 2019

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Hey y’all! I’m Shohreh Davoodi, and for the past several months, I’ve been pouring most of my time and energy into bringing this podcast to life. I’m a certified intuitive eating counselor and a certified personal trainer. I work with clients online to help them improve their relationships with food, exercise, and their bodies.

Back when I first started my business I was more of a “typical” personal trainer. My focus was on helping my clients to lose weight and change their bodies because I didn’t yet know about concepts like Health At Every Size, diet culture, healthism, etc.

Since then, I’ve changed my tune. And one thing that has stuck out to me is that health and wellness look different on everybody. But we live in a culture where health and wellness are expected to look one way for everyone, and most people can’t fit that very limited mold.

Even someone like me who has a lot of privilege doesn’t perfectly fit the mold when you dig a little bit deeper. So how are the majority of people supposed to fit into these requirements?

As a culture, we’ve really come to see health as a moral obligation and to see those who don’t prioritize their health as bad people. This is ableist, and it ignores the fact that a lot of people don’t have a choice in their physical and mental health.

“To a certain extent, we get the body and the brain that we get.”

This view of health also ignores the systemic reasons why people can’t reach peak health and wellness. It’s estimated that we only have about 25% control over our health outcomes, and the rest comes down to other factors (including genetics, the zip code you grow up in, chronic stress, etc.).

Even for those who have access to things that can help promote health, if they choose not to prioritize health and wellness, that decision is looked down upon. We do not like people to be autonomous beings when it comes to making their own choices about their health and wellness.

My goal with this podcast is to let people know that they get to define health and wellness for themselves over the course of their lives and that their definitions will change over time. The podcast will explore myths and misconceptions about health and wellness and the many different things that contribute to them.

“Health is messy. It is not black and white.”

On this podcast, I want to talk about people’s lived experiences with health and wellness. I want to educate people on these topics and give them resources to learn more. If any of this sounds interesting to you, I hope you’ll stick around.

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Shohreh Davoodi, the host of the Redefining Health & Wellness podcast, is a weight-inclusive wellness coach located in Austin, Texas. She is certified in intuitive eating and personal training and helps clients improve their relationships with exercise, food, and their bodies. You can work with Shohreh online from anywhere in the world. Find her on her websiteInstagramFacebookPinterest, and Twitter.

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