Reframing Abolition and Finding Your Weirdos with Amanda Pouncy-Ross | #127

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I have been internet and IRL friends with therapist and social worker Amanda Pouncy-Ross for years. We initially bonded over our overlapping mixed-race, queer, and neurodivergent identities, and we continued to get closer thanks to our shared love for things like fun earrings, art, and Wordle.

Something I appreciate about our friendship is the variety of topics we weave together in our conversations, and as you might expect, this episode is no different. Together we explore abolition on an individual and societal level, the role of creativity in collective liberation, the concept of and need for chosen family, and plenty more.

We discussed:

  • Why it took Amanda so long to finish undergrad.
  • Who Amanda is and what they're up to these days, both professionally and personally.
  • The connection between abolition and things like creativity and pleasure.
  • How Amanda defines abolition for themself.
  • Abolition as everyday actions as much as it's big, structural change (for additional resources on abolition, check out the section below).
  • Expanding our understanding of creativity in order to make space for it.
  • Why queer folks are some of the most creative people we know.
  • The similarities of growing up mixed-race and growing up queer.
  • How important the concept of “chosen family” has been for both of us.
  • Embracing our weirdness.

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A headshot of Amanda smiling while wearing a lilac-colored blouse and gray blazer with abundant natural curls on her head.

Amanda Pouncy-Ross (she/they) is a queer, demifemme, Black and mixed-race visionary, creator, and abolitionist feminist with a quirky sense of humor and a love for funky earrings. Professionally they work as a pleasure, sex, and fat-positive therapist, health educator, and social worker. If Ms. Frizzle, Daria, and Tracee Ellis Ross had a baby, that baby would be her. They are their happiest, best self when they are: laughing, cooking, doing yoga, imagining and creating art, exploring nature, or reading one of the three or four books they keep in their currently reading pile. You can keep up with Amanda on their Instagram, and you can learn more about their therapy practice on the Ample + Rooted website and Instagram.

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