Reproductive Justice and Beyond with Sabia C. Wade | #114

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Sabia C. Wade is one of those people who has their hands in everything and continually amazes with their dedication and drive. I loved having the opportunity to speak with her about reproductive justice, inclusive language, and so much more in this episode.

We discussed:

  • Who Sabia is and what she’s feeling especially passionate about these days.
  • Financial activism and the racial wealth gap.
  • What a doula is and the different ways doulas can provide support.
  • Some of the inequities in reproductive health and what reproductive justice is about.
  • Understanding that systems are made up of people and their individual choices.
  • Ways birthing people can exercise their agency throughout pregnancy and while giving birth.
  • The benefits of using inclusive language.

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Sabia is laying on a bed in a black tshirt and teal undies, smiling with her hands clasped together

Sabia C. Wade (she/they) is a CEO, revolutionary doula, educator, reproductive justice advocate, and financial activist elevating the voices and experiences of marginalized communities. She embraces her role as a liberator of self by birthing new and hidden aspects of individuals while nurturing the spaces within them that have never known love, all with the goal of autonomy, justice, and equity for all. She is also currently in the process of writing her book, Birthing Liberation, set for release in Fall 2022. You can keep up with Sabia on her website and Instagram.

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