Radical Self-Trust Sessions

Now booking for October 2021

25 thirty-minute coaching spots
available October 20-21 and October 25-27.

Honed in, one-time, thirty-minute coaching sessions so you can:


Move closer to understanding who you are and what you want.


Get unstuck and gain some momentum toward your goals.


Pick my brain about anything you’d like, including self-trust, queer identity, podcasting, & entrepreneurship.

How does a Radical Self-Trust Session

How does a

Radical Self-Trust Session


You’re in the driver’s seat. You tell me what you need help with—the goal you’re striving for, the barrier you’re trying to get around, the burning questions you have—and I show up prepped and ready to guide you toward your next best steps.

Said in another way: Get in, gorgeous!

We’re going creative problem-solving!

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30 minutes, $125, focused as fuck.

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RADICAL SELF-TRUST sessions might be for you if:

  • You’re at a crossroads and struggling to make a decision.
  • You’ve lost your way and need help getting back to yourself.
  • Your shame and self-doubt are keeping you from the life you want to lead.
  • You’re grappling with a piece of your identity and how to show up more authentically.
  • You want to start or grow a business or podcast.
  • You'd like my advice on anything at all.

I just so happen to be really damn good at puzzling things out, shining new light, and explaining complex concepts in ways that people can actually understand.

So whatever you’re feeling wrapped up in or bound by, let’s untangle the threads together.

25 thirty-minute coaching spots available
October 20-21 and October 25-27.


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