Size-Inclusive Clothing with Superfit Hero Founder Micki Krimmel | #19

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I am far from an influencer so I don’t work with a lot of brands to begin with, but Superfit Hero is one brand that has impressed me from the start. Under the leadership of Micki Krimmel, this size-inclusive activewear company is leading the way in body positivity, both talking the talk and walking the walk.

It was such a joy to have Micki on the podcast to talk about how Superfit Hero got its start, the truth about creating clothing in larger sizes, why the brand has decided to stick with body positivity even as others are abandoning it, and more.

We discussed:

  • The winding road that Micki took to launch Superfit Hero with no background in fashion.
  • How roller derby was a huge change from Micki’s previous fitness pursuits to simply get skinny.
  • The inclusiveness and body positivity of roller derby that led to the values behind Superfit Hero as a brand.
  • Micki’s discovery that there was a hole in the market for size-inclusive activewear.
  • The Kickstarter campaign that provided Superfit Hero’s initial round of funding.
  • Size inclusivity as a feminist issue.
  • Where the name Superfit Hero comes from.
  • The company’s aim to sponsor athletes who are being ignored by more mainstream brands.
  • The nuts and bolts of creating clothing in larger sizes (spoiler alert: it’s not as hard as you’d think considering how many brands are ignoring this huge part of the market).
  • Brands that claim to be size-inclusive or body positive but aren’t walking the walk.
  • Usable pockets as a feminist calling card.
  • The beautiful community that is Superfit Hero’s customer Facebook group.
  • How to use the Body Positive Fitness Finder or apply to join it.
  • The co-opting of body positivity, intuitive eating, etc., as well as the real confusion about what these and similar terms mean.
  • Some of what we can expect from Superfit Hero in 2020.
  • How Micki defines health and wellness for herself at this moment in her life, including using her movement practice as a way to center herself.

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Micki smiles for the camera wearing a red shirt. Her snoozing dog can be seen on the couch behind her.

Micki Krimmel (she/her) is the founder of Superfit Hero, a body-positive lifestyle brand with a mission to make fitness more inclusive. Superfit Hero makes confidence-inspiring activewear for athletes and connects people with opportunities for joyful movement with the Body Positive Fitness Finder. You can connect with Superfit Hero on their website, Instagram, Facebook, and free, private Facebook group for fitness talk, discounts, and more.

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