Everything Your History Classes Left Out with Jermaine Fowler | #117

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It’s no secret that much of the history of marginalized groups has been obscured. That’s why Jermaine Fowler, a historian and the founder of The Humanity Archive, is making an effort to tell the stories of the historically untold. In this episode, Jermaine and I chat about how to work toward a future where history is taught more accurately and inclusively.

We discussed:

  • Who Jermaine is and the work he’s doing with The Humanity Archive.
  • How trips to the public library inspired Jermaine’s love of history.
  • The ways in which information is more accessible now thanks to different available formats and social media.
  • Some of the historical events and people that Jermaine wishes more people knew about.
  • Reasons why we learn some parts of history while other parts of history are left out.
  • Texas as an example of a place where extreme patriotism has trampled the narratives of marginalized groups.
  • All of the places where history is hiding, plus the stories we can’t get back.
  • What non-historians can do to help ensure the future of history is more accurate and inclusive.
  • How we’re not responsible for the prejudice that was taught to us, but we are responsible for unlearning it.

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Jermaine has a slightly amused expression and is pictured in front of library stacks wearing a vest, button up shirt, and tie

Jermaine Fowler (he/him) is a historian, author, and founder of The Humanity Archive—a website dedicated to telling the stories of the historically unheard. The history of marginalized groups has been obscured, and The Humanity Archive fills the void. You can keep up with Jermaine on his website, Instagram, and Twitter, and by listening to The Humanity Archive podcast.

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