Planning an Intentional and Meaningful Wedding with Reverend Maureen Cotton | #129

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Having planned one wedding myself already, and with the expectation that I’ll be planning another one in the future, I was eager to chat with Reverend Maureen Cotton. Maureen is the coach and officiant behind The Soulful Wedding, and she’s on a mission to revive the understanding that a wedding is a powerful and transformative rite of passage.

We discussed:

  • What attracted Maureen to the wedding industry.
  • Why intention is one of the magic ingredients of wedding planning.
  • The tension that’s inherent between the wants of the couple getting married and the wants of their wedding guests.
  • Values-based wedding budgeting and examples of ways to make things more affordable.
  • How to structure non-religious ceremonies.
  • What Maureen loves most about working with queer couples and being a part of queer weddings.
  • The influence of queer weddings on straight weddings.
  • One thing Maureen wants people planning weddings to remember.

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A headshot of Maureen in a brown, v-neck dress, smiling with long, wavy brunette hair

Reverend Maureen Cotton (she/her) is an Interspiritual minister, serving the spiritual-but-not-religious and non-dogmatic people of faith. Since ordination in 2015, Maureen has worked as a hospital chaplain and officiated countless weddings. Currently, her focus is her coaching offering for engaged couples, The Soulful Wedding Roadmap. The Roadmap blends premarital guidance, spiritual coaching, and wedding visioning to create an intentional and values-aligned engagement, wedding, and early marriage. You can keep up with Maureen on her Instagram and website.

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