Tips for Fostering Resilience in Social Justice Work | #81

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Between the last four years of Trump's presidency, the widespread protests over policy brutality last summer, and the recent attempted coup by white supremacists on the U.S. Capitol, I've been seeing a lot more people committing to social justice work. This is a good thing, and I'm glad that people's eyes are being opened to the systemic discrimination that is a staple of American society.

I also know from experience that when you're first getting started in social justice work, there's usually a lot of floundering around and fucking up involved. That's why in this solo episode I'm sharing four lessons and some of my best tips for fostering resilience in social justice work.

I cover the importance of examining your motivations, why you need to learn to embrace (or at least respect) feedback, how to give a real apology, and strategies for keeping your activism sustainable. Armed with these tools and mindset shifts, I hope committing to the pursuit of justice for the long haul will feel more attainable.

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I've put together a detailed guide for how to apologize like you give a damn, which includes the essential components of a real apology as well as what not to do when apologizing.

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Shohreh Davoodi (she/her) is the host of the Conjuring Up Courage podcast. Shohreh is a self-trust coach, a bit of a mind witch, and a rainbow glitter bomb of a human. Through her content and coaching, she helps people develop their consciousness, care, and courage practices so they can be more of who they are (and less haunted by who they think they're supposed to be). When she's not working, Shohreh enjoys exploring the great outdoors, playing with her two pups, crafting, trapezing, gardening, and baking. Find Shohreh on her websiteInstagramTikTokPinterest, and Facebook.

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