Unlocking Your Creative Potential with Krista Kankula | #98

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There’s a good chance you think of yourself as someone who’s either creative or not creative, with no room for anything in the middle. But a narrow view of creativity may be keeping you from enjoying more play and leisure in your life. This interview with Creativity Facilitator & Coach, Krista Kankula, explores different ways you can begin to unlock your creative potential.

We discussed:

  • How Krista’s own creative journey led to her starting her business, Revel in the Mess.
  • Barriers to creativity, such as mindless scrolling.
  • The benefits of carving out time to do nothing.
  • Being mindful of the expectations you’re bringing to your creative practices.
  • Expanding your definition of what it means to be creative.
  • How to get past the belief that there’s simply no time in your life for creative pursuits.
  • Finding inspiration to create when you have no idea where to start.
  • Using creativity and imagination as tools to change the world.

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Krista is pictured in a mustard-colored shirt from the shoulders up holding a pen in one hand and looking inquisitive while staring off into space

Krista Kankula (she/her) is a Creativity Facilitator & Coach, and she is all about helping creatives get to the truth of what they MOST want to create in this next season of their business and creative practice so they can turn their piles of ideas into creative work they’re proud of. Krista can usually be found making messes with paint, gathering inspiration from Mother Nature, or cuddling with her four cats, dog, and partner. She believes we all have imaginative ideas and boundless creativity within each of us and that those ideas and our collective creativity are needed now, more than ever. You can keep up with Krista on her website, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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