Risks and Rewards of Visibility with Danielle Cohen | #112

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This episode features visibility coach and brand photographer Danielle Cohen who knows that being seen can be scary in a world where only some are celebrated. That said, no matter what’s fueling your fear of visibility, there are steps you can take to show up more fully in your life.

We discussed:

  • What lights Danielle up right now.
  • How Danielle came to focus on visibility in her work.
  • Why women and marginalized folks may have a fear of visibility in the first place.
  • The role self-blame can play in our lives.
  • Why trying harder and harder to control things we can’t change is rarely the answer.
  • Having the goal of creating a bigger body of work.
  • Visibility when it comes to social justice and speaking up for what you believe in.
  • Making sure we have people in our circles who can help us with showing up how we want to.
  • Being unapologetic about the things we’ve been taught to apologize for.
  • The importance of finding people and places where you can bring all of you to.

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Danielle Cohen (she/her) is a visibility coach and brand photographer with a unique talent for helping pro-social creative entrepreneurs, coaches, visionaries, and healers step into and offer their greatest work by becoming more visible, owning their story and their magic, and sharing it with the world. You can keep up with Danielle on her website and Instagram.

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